Things To Check Before Choosing A Flat Iron For Afro-American Hair

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Natural African American hair is not just beautiful to look at in terms if appearance, but it also doesn’t require a lot of hair treatments. However, many women prefer to straighten Afro-American hair, simply because the hair style and texture by default are prone to certain problems, such as thinning. If you are looking for the best flat irons for natural African American hair, you have to check for the right features and inclusions.

Here’s a quick guide that may come in handy for selecting the right one.

Aspects that matter

  • Hair type. Mostly, Afro-American hair is classified as curly or kinky, so you can find flat irons that have been designed for such hair types. You can check online review sites to find options in that category.

  • Check the plate. The plate eventually determines the damage caused to your hair. Let’s get real here – flat irons will damage your hair to some extent. The cheapest ones usually have ceramic plates, which aren’t bad as long as heavy, but you can also go for titanium infused plates, which tend to be tougher and are usually expensive too. Aluminum is also a common choice, but tends to be cheaper than tourmaline.
  • Heat settings. The best flat irons are designed to control the heat as per the styling requirement, so check for that, as well. The more settings you have, the better use the product will have.
  • Check the plate size. You also need the right plate size. If you have heavy Afro-American hair, you need a bigger plate size, which is extremely handy for straightening a lot of hair at the same time, so the time required for the job is less.
  • Check for other features. A good flat iron, regardless of the hair type it is designed for, should be easy to hold and use. It should also have an auto shut-off feature, which ensures that the device doesn’t damage the tabletop when you are not careful enough. The weight of the iron is also something that matters. The lighter ones are easy to use, but doesn’t always have the same ironing effect.

Finally, consider the brand of the product and warranty. It is important to choose to a product that’s has at least one to two years of standard warranty, and make sure that it is possible to repair the flat iron, if required. Shortlist the best irons for Afro-American hair now!