Malaysian Remy Hair – All You Need To Know

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Obtained from South East Asia, the Malaysian Remy Hair is considered as one of the best human hair extensions types. In fact, this type of hair extension is considered as a highly fashionable item by the people of all over the world. What makes this type of hair popular is its texture. Usually, Malaysian hair comes with a lustrous and silky look and feel. Therefore, this type of hair is really popular among people, who look for shiny and soft hair extensions.

Another great thing about this type of hair extension is that it is available in different styles like body wave, straight and curly to suit the needs of different clients. Besides, due to the right amount of shine and the sleek luxurious texture, this type of hair extension perfectly blends with any other hair types.

Here come some details about different types of Malaysian hair extensions:

  1. Malaysian wavy hair: This type of extension is thick or heavy. And it also comes with a wonderful natural shine and extraordinary silky texture. Therefore, the wavy hair blends perfectly with the coarse or medium textured hairs.
  2. Malaysian straight hair: This type of Remy hair has a silky texture that perfectly blends with relaxed hair. This type of hair extension is really popular among the African American women.
  3. Malaysian curly hair: This type of hair extension is coarse, thick and also come with a luxurious yet tight curl pattern. The curls on this type of hair extension hold really well without the requirement of using any additional holding sprays or curling products.

By choosing the best quality Malaysian Ramy Hair, one can actually take the benefits like long lifespan, striking shine, great softness, natural luster and no scope of tangling. These extensions are also really durable and therefore these can be reused again and again and it will still be soft, smooth and fully textured.

Now let’s have a look at the tips to care the Malaysian hair properly:

  1. Never rub or twist the hair
  2. While brushing, brush the end of the hair first and therefore the middle part and therefore top part of the hair
  3. Before dyeing the hair, wash the hair properly with warm water
  4. Never try to restyle the hair too often to ensure a prolonged lifetime
  5. Avoid using heat like as hair dryers or curling irons. Also, don’t try to blow dry the extension and use heat sparingly on these hair extensions
  6. Wash the hair on a regular basis to prevent dirt and sweat. As both of these things lead to tangles
  7. In case of curly hair, never use a brush. Rather comb the hair gently by using fingers
  8. Always tie up the hair extensions while exercising or sleeping to prevent getting tangles. Besides, always wear a swimming cap in case you swim wearing the extensions. If possible, remove the extensions while exercising, sleeping or swimming.

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