From Iron on Patches to Trucker Jackets: Why Denim Jackets will be the New Fashion Trend of 2018

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You will know more about a decade by the words they are well known for. From the year 2000 to 2010, they have the words “bling-bling,” which turned into a more sophisticated and refined word, “fabulous.” The 90’s are all about irony. People grew up in the nineties, always say”whatever” and “as if” a lot, people don’t know what it means. This decade is a “hipster” era, people that belong in the “Millennial” era upholds “authentic” as atop honor.

In the world where authenticity holds more value than anything in this world, denim is the new power dress. Expect to see more denim designed dresses like jackets, pants, and even denim jackets with iron on patches. Authenticity is a balance of beingcool and keeping it real.

Fashion girls revere denim items more than cashmere. It is very complex and practical. It is also grounded and is steeped in heritage. Don’t let denim “experts” talk about the difference between selvage and full loom unless you want to listen to them talk for the whole day.

But 2018 is not the year for jeans, because as we enter the end of this decade, the chase for real fashion has been shifting for the less obvious for the last few years. So, to be “hip,” you need to own a denim jacket for the next few years.

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At the recently concluded New York Fashion Week, classic Calvin Klein, Adam Selman, and Tibi denim jackets. Almost all famous designers have their take on jean jackets. Vetements collaborated with the famous denim company, Levi’s to make a chopped and remade design the brings the same vibe on deconstructed Vetement’s iron on patch jeans. An out-of-the-box fashion has made a comeback in 2016.

Famous designer Virgil Abloh made an Off-White denim version mid-ribcage level that is fastened with white zip in the outside. Famous actors like Robert Redford and Paul Newman in Hud, popularize rugged, American denim jacket, which is seen in Calvin Klein’s new-era style of wearing a denim jacket over a fitted polo shirt. Selena Gomez, a famous American singer nails this beautiful, off-duty look.

And while every people just started jumping on the denim bandwagon, celebrities like Kanye West has been wearing this look for many years. During the 2016 MET Gala, Olivier Rousteing made a beautiful Balmain jacket for Kanye West which took longer to make compared to the dress his wife wore.

Kim Kardashian wore a gown that was created from the shards of a disco ball mirror, but it’s easy to make compared to Kanye’s denim jacket. Rousteing told reporters. They need to bleach the jacket then put all the stones and pearls using embroidery. “. “It feels like the process is new to us, and not the one we are like we are used to when doing couture,” Rousteing said.

According to most fashion designers, denim paved the way for denim jackets to return from hibernation. Denim gave way to a more rigid, boxy, and bulky feel of a denim jean jacket, which has been used by generations of teens who wore jacket with hood. It is like a badge of honor for most fashion-conscious people.

As athleisure star wanes, the popularity of denim jacket is starting to climb up. Most designers tap the nostalgia feel of denim jackets, to market it to younger generations. For people working in the digital world, trends that are not catalogued on Google Images are tough to market, as if those trends didn’t happen. But denim jackets? Thanks to movies like Crossroads with Britney Spears, it has become very iconic.

The trucker jacket is one of the most popular Levi’s denim jackets of all time. It was born in 1967 and has been gaining attention among younger and more fashion-conscious people through the ages. You can recognize the design by its diagonal seams, which forms an inverted, narrow triangle just below the breast pocket. It looks a little bit petty, but when everything gets fussy about common terminologies, it is invariably a sign that it will be the talk of the town among fashion enthusiasts.

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Other trends that will sweep the nation in 2018

Lilac – Pantone declared this color as the color of 2018. Lilac or ultraviolet will be all over the spring collections, most notably at Marni and Gucci catwalks. NatWest and Highland Spring have already deployed shades of ultraviolet and purple to significant effect. As we all know, it is also the color of amethysts, which often appear in Vogue magazines. It is one of the most favorite shade of Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous architect, and has been worn by Hilary Clinton, which suggests that it is the unofficial color of centrists.

Fringing – The cowboy or cowgirl look. It feels like a very uncomfortable source of inspiration, but the fashion continues despite all the negative feedback. FromNina Ricci, Balmain, to Ellery, this will rule the fashion world in 2018. Vogue magazine describes Fringing as swooshing and sensual, but it still depends mostly on the fabric that is used.

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Rugby Shirts – Sports jersey or sportswear used as day wear will always be a trend no matter what year it is, although this time it will be less classy tracksuits and more on specific sportswear. Golf wear is an option, but rugby uniforms will be popular this year. The Acne’s unisex fashion line has a rugby shirt and dresses depending on how tall the wearer is.

Tommy Hilfiger is also designing nostalgic sportswear. Koch has a more expensive version of rugby inspired dress and skirts. And not to mention, H&Ms take on the rugby trend which you can get for more or less $30. Most fashion companies are hitting on the nostalgic feel to market their designs. But that’s not all; they are also trying to use cultural tourism, to attract more people to their designs.