Eye Color and Personality Links

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Eyes are the mirrors of the soul, and surprisingly enough that you can judge of a person’s inner personality not only by his or her actions but also by eye color. One can hide personal emotions, but even if you’re wearing a fancy designer pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, the color of the eyes is always on the surface. Some say there is a simple rule: the more intense an eye color, the more passionate the owner is. Light colors characterize a romantic soul in constant search of ideal world, whilst a warm shade of an eye reveals softness and tenderness. Cold eyes usually belong to strict unemotional personalities.

Green eyes

Green eyed people are very strong, persistent, stubborn, stable, solid and ambitious. They tend to work hard and always reach their goals. Sometimes they can be authoritative but it’s due to their good abilities in organizing different events. They may lack energy and vital power, but it’s in communication with close people where they find vitality. They do not tend to leadership, but need to be respected, especially on the working field. They are realistic, with a strong sense of judgment and rationality. Accurate and strict, they won’t talk in vain, even though they may seem to be mysterious for those who surround them. They feel others’ weaknesses and at times people with green eyes can be cunning and insidious. They avoid conflicts by the means of manipulating. They are very faithful and will never betray their beloved, but it’s hard for them to meet a true love because of high demands they set. Despite of seeming independence, people with this color of eyes are kind, gentle and vulnerable. Green eyed people will pretend to be haughty and free until they understand that they can finally trust you.

Brown eyes

This people are active, passionate, impulsive and energetic. They are risky, enterprising and initiative. They are constantly on the go searching for new mountains to climb. People of this type are very powerful and are born leaders. They are hot tempered, sexy and are driven by passion. They radiate charm and warmth. Everyone likes them. Brown eyed people enjoy being in the public eye, and it’s important for them always to do their best. They demand constant approval and appreciation. At times they are aggressive, but easily forget about offends. Self-assured and brave, one can always rely on a person with brown eyes. Being witty and sociable helps them to establish new contacts. Those are lucky whom they love, because they will protect these people forever.

Blue eyes

These people are romantic. They tend to be dreamers gazing about love affairs. Very often blue-eyed people may live in the world of their illusions. Women with this color of eyes want to see their mate being gentle and gallant. They love long period of dating, they can be vulnerable and take everything close to heart. They may even suffer from depression, and change their mind quickly. People with blue eyes may also be cold and even cruel, and under the pressure of mood they may be annoyed and irritated. A lot depends on their likes and dislikes. Their motto is “Variety is the spice of life”. They are persistent and always have a goal in their life. Blue eyed people are very generous and always help others, they have a very creative imagination, and will have a success in every sphere concerned with spirituality.