3 Tips for Perfectly Straight Damage-Free Hair

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Kinks and frizz are one of the most irritating and persistent problems when it comes to hair. However hard you try to maintain that sleek straight style, it can feel like the moment you step out the door it all goes out the window. Hair straighteners may seem like the easy answer, but it’s a short-term fix and in the long run you risk damaging your hair and causing it to become even more unruly. A frizzy hair do can often ruin an outfit and see you shying away from the camera for the rest of the night. So, what can be done to beat the kinks for good? Here are some tips on how to achieve perfectly straight hair without causing permanent damage.

  1. Keratin Smoothing

Keratin treatments are the latest in hair technology and have the ability to relax curly or frizzy hair to achieve a smooth look, whilst at the same time improving the strength and health of your hair. This is a great option for hair that has been damaged by straightening over the years, as particles are released into the hair shaft which repair it from within, whilst it also acts to form a layer around the hairs which both protects and conditions them. This ensures that the hair remains intact and protected against the hot iron sealing process. If you’re looking for a solution to your frizzy hair, then seek out a salon which can offer a keratin treatment in Perth. Not only will this get you long-lasting straightness, it can also significantly reduce your blow-dry time, meaning even less heat damage to your hair with the bonus of saving you time getting ready in the mornings. It also makes your hair more resistant to moisture and rain, allowing you to brave the outdoors with confidence. The treatment can last up to two and a half months, making it a lasting solution for your hair.

  1. Pick the Right Shampoo

Many shampoos contain harmful chemical agents, which are damaging to the hair. Prolonged use of these leads to frizzy, greasy hair, yet so many of us are unaware of this fact. A majority of products on the market unfortunately contain damaging chemicals, but it is possible to seek out shampoos which don’t if you look hard enough. You should opt for products which are free of sulphate and sodium chloride. When you make the change, you’ll really notice the difference in the quality and manageability of your hair. These shampoos are also recommended to prolong the effectiveness of keratin treatments.

  1. Keep It Natural

If you’re searching for a natural solution to your frizz, there are a few tricks you can use to help it along. When your hair is wet, try brushing it every few minutes until it dries. This encourages it to dry without kinks. Alternatively, rollers can be used to achieve smooth waves rather than unruly frizz.

If you struggle with frizzy, disobedient hair then try some of these tips and tricks. With the right products and treatments, you can be picture perfect in no time.